With the new version 10 (October/2009) of the software for Brazilian Interpretation of Genotype the drug resistance results will include HIV subtype. In order to generate the HIV subtype result, it is necessary to add the FASTA file into the program, in addition to the .gt or .csv file, following the instructions included in the data entry page. The HIV subtype will appear in the RENAGENO result.

Important observations: the rules for the interpretation of mutations are regularly updated according to the most recent scientific data available on drug resistance. An international consensus on interpretation of mutations is not yet available. Different algorithms can generate incompatible results. The genotyping test should be interpreted together with clinical data and history of previous exposure to antiretrovirals.

Mutations can quickly disappear when antiretrovirals are stopped. Blood samples should be collected while the patient is still taking the therapeutic regimen that is being evaluated.

If you wish to make any suggestion or disagree with the interpretation of a specific clinical case, please contact us at: genotipagem@aids.gov.br, or by phone at (+55) 61 3306-7531. Your contribution will be extremely useful for the improvement of our algorithm.

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